Whole Body Therapy

Jared Geurts - Owner and Practitioner

Jared Geurts - Owner and Practitioner

Whole Body Therapy has all of the necessary and appropriate parts to help you reach your goals and beyond. Blending the intelligence of structural organization with the benefits of restorative practices helps the body become a self correcting and self organizing system.

Sessions include detailed Structural and Restorative Bodywork with posture and movement re education practices in a treatment designed to address your unique expression. Bringing the body into optimal alignment and cultivating best posture & movement practices is our work towards reaching your highest health. 

Whole Body Therapy is a comprehensive bodywork system unique to Sage Works Massage.

See treatment overview below to learn more about the unique components of Whole Body Therapy. 

•   Treatment Overview •

Whole Body Therapy consists of the following foundations of practice.


 Whole Body Therapy - Multi Session Series

     Multi Session Series are a wonderful way to deepen your experience and accelerate your progress towards reaching your goals. Our primary focus with this work is to organize the body within gravity so it can function to its highest performance. 

          "This work lays in the intelligence for the body to access its innate ability to be an expansive thriving being. Giving your mind the awareness and connection to your body is what makes the change." - Sage Works Massage

     The series is structured to organize the physical details of the body into an integrated and intelligent whole. We use a systematic approach of working from the ground up. Establishing the "footing" first will give us a supported place to then find expansion and alignment, re organizing Whole Body posture and movement patterns.


4 Session Series is recommended to receive as often as one wants to improve their all around body connection and performance. People often report that they are still integrating the benefits of this series 3-6 months after treatment. 


A 10 Session Series is recommended to reach even deeper layers of full body connection. This is the kind of bodywork that gives knowledge back to the body. It can create space for change that can still be integrating years down the road.  

     Four and Ten series sessions are based on the monumental work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf. This is the classic model of balancing the body within gravity! This work is also known as; Rolfing, Structural integration, and many other unique expressions of extremely genius practitioners. Truly a transformative gift. 

•   A Brief Introduction •

"Learning is the fountain of youth. No matter how old you are, you musn't stop growing"  ~ Deng Ming-Dao

Thank you for visiting, I am Jared, owner of Sage Works Massage. I practice clinical massage therapy with over 3,000 hours and counting of formal education.

Jared Geurts - Owner & Practitioner

"Become who you are... No matter what!"    

 ~ Gil Hedley - Master Anatomist and Philosopher

I specialize in a wide range of therapeutic modalities each adding a unique element to a treatment designed just for you. While each treatment is designed around your specific needs; stress management, injury prevention & recovery, as well as improving your strength in posture and movement are addressed in each session. I include a foundational system of self wellness and movement practices to help the body become a self organizing and homeostatic system. I offer an informative touch leaving you with a strengthened internal sense of self nurture. 

I feel so passionate about the process of self discovery and the helpfulness of massage therapy. Each of us are here to walk our own unique path. Nobody else can do my work for me, and nobody else can do your work for you. We can however, do our work along side each other and share our knowledge and helpfulness along the way. 

I believe that when we do the work to help heal ourselves, we help to heal those around us, and visa versa. The work that we do does extend beyond us and into our communities. Take part in how you touch all that is around you. 

Please feel welcome to contact me with any questions you may have or to begin a conversation about how I can support you in reaching your goals.

I look forward to sharing the joy and connection that I have found through massage therapy with you soon.      - In Kind Regards, Jared Geurts

•   Featured Reviews   •

Better Informed

"The difference is night and day when I get body work with Jared. His genuine passion and knowledge in the mechanics of the human body makes me feel confident and cared for. I always feel taller, better informed and aware of how I can make subtle changes that will make a huge difference in maintaining my body for many years to come!"   - Emily M.  2017

Conscious Body Worker

"Jared gave me the best massage and body work that I have ever had. He's a conscious body worker and a knowledgeable healer. He listens and responds to the needs of the body in order to give his clients the best experience possible. I would consider you blessed if you have the chance to become a client of his." - Aiden E. 

Positive & Calming Energy

"Jared has such a positive and calming energy. He has helped me get through ongoing back issues, working with me to figure out exactly what will relieve my pain and making sure I have tools to help with anything that comes up between our sessions. He is a wonderful person to work with and I always leave feeling better. I highly recommend coming to him!" - Lauren B. 2017

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