Free - Whole Body Therapy - Consultation

Explore the unique Bodywork and Movement System offered at Sage Works Massage

Jared Geurts - Owner and Practitioner at Sage Works Massage

Use this offer to schedule your free 30 minute Whole Body Therapy consultation.

Whole Body Therapy is a unique system that combines Bodywork and Movement therapy into a single approach that works to address the specific needs of your body.

We will assess your individual posture and movement patterns and then apply 20 minutes of corrective work to improve your bodies alignment and efficiency.

This consultation will provide you with a direct experience of the Bodywork and Movement therapy that is available at Sage Works Massage and how it can help you.

Complete the Free Consultation and receive 10% off your 4 Session Mini Series, a package designed to address the goals and needs discovered in our consultation.

There is no obligation or commitment to continue, individual sessions also available.