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     Cranio Sacral Therapy is a wonderful light touch approach that releases tensions deep in the body. It is a system of evaluation and treatment that promotes total body health by improving the environment and function of the central nervous system. The central nervous system is responsible for our bodies ability to maintain healthy sleep-wake cycles, metabolic and hormonal activity, emotional clarity as well as many other necessary healing processes and functions of the body.

     Clients that I have worked with have reported; emotional clarity, higher levels of energy, reduced stress / mental fatigue and anxiety, normalized sleeping patterns, improved mental focus and memory recall as well as greater coordination and balance in yoga and other movement practices.

     Cranio Sacral Therapy can be offered as a stand alone treatment, or it can be incorporated into any other type of session. Releasing restrictions with Cranio Sacral Therapy helps prepare the body to receive and integrate other types of work including Restorative and Structural Bodywork.

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Comprehensive Cranio Sacral Cleansing Package

Consider going deeper with the Cranio Sacral Therapy Cleansing Package. This cleansing package is recommended to receive once per week for four weeks. Beneficial to integrate seasonal life changes with a serious fine tuning of the Cranio Sacral system. Save $70 when you commit to this integrative Whole Body Therapy

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Restorative Bodywork aims to balance, support and integrate the many structures of the body through a deeply nurturing and regenerative approach. Recommended to support relaxation, injury prevention and immune function. Ayurvedic oil and aspiringly masterful techniques at your service. Discover more about the benefits of this Whole Body Therapy. 

Meridian Therapy is a cleansing treatment of the 12 main Chinese meridian channels, of which are also used in Acupuncture. Cleansing the meridian points and connecting channels has a full body effect, regulating necessary processes of growth and supporting organ function. Discover more about the benefits of this Whole Body Therapy. 

Structural Bodywork is a system of evaluation and treatment that works to bring the many structures of the body into an optimal relationship to gravity improving postural alignment and whole body function. Recommended to resolve pain patterns and support performance driven goals. Discover more about the benefits of this Whole Body Therapy.